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Memory foam mattress can be a form of bed that's created from polyurethane. Besides polyurethane, it is also made from other styles of compounds. The substances which are added to the bed foams allows it the capability to increase in thickness. Memory foam mattress can also be called visco elastic memory foam. The mattress originated as a way to meet the bed shoppers' desire. The annals of the Polyurethane Foam Mattress may be traced back to NASA's Ames Research Center. The Ames Research Center of NASA funded a project to design a mattress foam that will help to ease pain of the astronauts caused by g-forces back within the 1970s. NASA considered the foam material must be used to adapt to the human body's design. Anyone might ultimately transfer of the career though developing a form for your body can help solve the problem. As a result, inappropriate pressure points is going to be produced to the body. Later, the study staff from the Ames Research Center of NASA identified a way to create a foam that can evolve the your body's form. It's a visco foam that may consistently spread the body's weight towards the foam area. In 1991, Tempur Pedic, a business situated in Sweden bought the study mattresss foam for the people. After that, Tempur Pedic offered the memory mattress foam towards the people that live in Usa and Canada. Tempur Pedic's mattress became highly popular. The achievement of Tempur Pedic had caused the manufacturers promote them for the local customers and to create their particular variations of polyurethane foam mattresses. Synthetic polyurethane foam material is employed since the foam memory. The mattress manufacurers may include several kinds of compounds to change the density of the foam. The foam may have higher thickness after the compound is included. Besides, the maker may add a visco elastic foam material. The visco elastic foam is non toxic. Howmuch compounds are utilized inside the foam's production process detemins the foam weight. Many memory foam mattress includes a weight of 4 - 5lb. Brighter polyurethane foam mattress weight in-between 2 - 3 lb.